e​.​d​.​m. E​.​P.

by dr_nothings

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~ R.I.P. dr_nothings (2013-2015) ~

I'm moving to Japan to teach English for a few years. I will probably make music while I am there but I do not intend to release any of it.

these songs feel a bit like headstones to me, my creative process is such a weird ongoing learning experience and despite the good times I've had putting out dr_nothings stuff it feels like I'm ready for a change-up.

I have been in the habit this past year or so of publishing whatever songs I finish, as this bandcamp page will attest to: 'sad robot' was like my synthpop maiden voyage, 'dæmonology' and 'witness' were exercises in songwriting as well as recording rock instruments; then there's this last E.P. which I think of as a kind of spiritual successor to 'sad robot' but with more autotune and Ableton magic

in retrospect, however, dr_nothings feels to me more like a series of published workbook exercises than full-fledged "statements" of anything. like you know when you think your mixtape is fire but then two years of your life go by and you realize it sucked? I have that feeling every time I put music on the internet. usually once I'm uploading it, I already hate it, and have moved on to "the next shit," whatever that may mean

so I'm cutting myself off. I have so much to learn about my own voice and I think the most effective and authentic way for me to do so is to become more reticent w/r to my public output. I'll leave the bandcamp and soundcloud up but probably won't be updating them anytime soon

in any case, enjoy the tunes, stay in touch, and I'll see you on the other side!

<3 ~ dr ~ <3


released April 7, 2015

'existential dan music' E.P. 2015 by dr_nothings

written, recorded, performed, produced, mixed, &c. by Daniel Bogar Rasch




dr_nothings Los Angeles, California


sometimes dan

always rasch

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Track Name: Dadsday
I am very old! – Im 6 yrs old! (my dad is older than me) but I dont want to go to sleep no I dont want to have to need / I can grow my way! – my lonesome way! (u couldnt hem me in if you tried) no I dont need u by my side no I dont need u Ill be fine / I can get sad w/o always getting high I can be someone if I try // I am a-dult – I am grown-up – oh nooooooooooooooooooo // ‘u could get sad w/o always getting high u could be someone if u tried’ I am very old! – Im 6 yrs old! Im in full career I am in here
Track Name: Falling Song
that first cup won’t save you, that last drag won’t save you when all your friends have left the apartment when you ask yourself where her heart went when you’re stuck at home disapparent you’d rather face yr screen than yr parents you’d rather take the time to slip under & let the day go by peeled asunder & only then do you stop to wonder ‘o–where did I go?’ // writing one more love song, reading one more book, dreaming about the end of the world won’t bring it about so you shout – ‘don’t know how much time I’ve got so might as well be what I’m not there is blood all over my 2 hands 22 & young 2 die but really dyin’s just bein’ alive & there is blood all over my 2 hands let’s see where it lands’
Track Name: Refusal Song
Held the world doubled in my hands a perfect pine branch of verdant plastic strands & I saw in it a sign of the times & I looked you right between the I & said ‘there’s really nothing here for us?’ // & I wondered ‘o-’ I asked u ‘so – will we sort it out? or watch you go / while the earth wells up + the sky falls low / we’ll never really know until you show – please say "no"
Track Name: Love Song
hi i bet that you were wondering why i called you i was hoping youd pick up the phone thinkin that you were alone how wrong i was / next time you should pick up love i’ve been here so long i just need you …/ so i promise ill let you go despite all of the things we’ve done (moonlight, who right) i wouldn’t want to fix you here with all my blistered anxious fears but while you’re with me ill just …/ id never lie to you so i’m gonna let you know that i am letting you go yes i am letting you you told me 1nce or 2wice…idc // you make me winged, you make me feathered you do you make me winged everything you do
Track Name: Waitful
why am I waitful? / what am I doing?? // what am I???–––(ebbing tide – withdrawing light – quiet void – opening wide)