Witness E​.​P.

by dr_nothings

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recorded and mixed (one song/week) nov-dec 2014 @ the truffle, LA, CA
all sounds written, performed & arranged by daniel bogar rasch

special thanks to evan rasch for playing guitar on track 4 and to ian rumsey for letting me use his guitars & drum kit

artwork by nicholas anania (( saypirworf.tumblr.com )


released February 2, 2015

for Kajieme Powell




dr_nothings Los Angeles, California


sometimes dan

always rasch

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Track Name: Glasshole Anthem
"it's time to take Being to task
as I behold the world – through my Google Glass!™
it's time to take control,
oh, no-one owns my soul!
out of my way, you Luddite, you troll!
far behind and already old!
never so clear a view!
I am streaming – I am seeing clear through you!
buy coffee, scan media,
I'm on fucking Wikipedia!!
O vain vanguard of the flesh, retreat!
I am high above the obsolete!
It's cuz eye see better than yew see"

said he – to she
Track Name: Abt Jules
what would I say about Jules, if I could say anything?
I'd say he's a girl
I'd say she's a boy
I'd say he's nothing and everything twice
I'd say that 'bout her but that wouldn't be nice
no, that wouldn't be nice
Track Name: Big Gap
Kavenaugh Avenue Coffee spelt her name wrong, again, like she's some accessory, to be bought, by some man, she got mad out loud and now THIS asshole-

[: ... --- ... | ... --- ... :]
Track Name: Breaking Point
She's running her mouth again
Gone to bits inside her head
She knows everything but she can't say what went down on the street today she looked away she could have done something and she looked away she could have done something and she looked away
Track Name: The Heat
"the heat came out today, from where I cannot say
some ragged simpleton, ostensibly deranged
caught a bit on tape, he was unarmed I think
still took nine shots to bring him down

now outside the coffee shop they're screaming 'round the block..."